Card Ranges
These are the ranges that First Data Global supports. To limit them, simply drop the card type or restrict the range further. These can be over-layed with other processors.

Host Link Template

Network Connections

This set up by editing the host.

Dial Backup Modem Init String

Processor Specific Parameters
Terminal ID: 7-8 digit numeric
Merchant ID: 8-15 digit numeric

Datawire MID: (same as Processor MID but prepended with '0's to total 15 digits)
Datawire TID: (same as Processor TID but prepended with '0's to total 8 digits)
Datawire SID: 115

Datawire ID: 20 digit numeric
If merchant is registered with Datawire but does not have a DID, DID can be obtained by choosing the FDMS Bypass Host Link in POSLynx config, clicking on Host Options tab, clicking on Edit Host and then the 'Reset DID By ReRegistering' option can be checked. Click 'Save' at bottom of page and then click on 'Save as Command' link to deliver config to device from NetVu.
Note: device must be power cycled in order to force DID Re-Registration

Important Telephone Numbers
Datawire Production help desk: 1-800-704-4202

FDMS Second Level Support : 1 800-699-1024
FDMS Global help desk: 1-800-555-9966

Note: Always tell First Data that your back end MID is NORTH MID (318) and SID (115)

Dial Back-up
Primary number: 800-453-0660
Secondary number 800-253-2237


- manual transaction on newer loads run as per following:
- Run a regular credit transaction - Pinpad will prompt to insert/swipe card
- press CANCEL - pinpad will display Press "OK" to Cancel.
- press yellow CORR button - Pinpad will display ENTER CARD NUMBER
- if you press CANCEL button, then transaction will be cancelled
- Follow instructions on the screen.
- older versions asked that you click on ALPHA and CANCEL button at same time...
- Global is host based so should be no batch issues as they close and we just delete our batch

- The registration process has the POSLynx send specific account data to Datawire and Datawire returns a Datawire ID (DID)
- This DID is entered in the precidia.cfg config file so you should have the site press the reset button on the POSLynx to store this data in the Diagnostics file on NetVU.
- make sure to use the precidia.cfg file returned in this file to make other config changes so that the DID is included
- Once successfully registered with Datawire, another registration request will result in a Failed Registration result. You can only register one time with Datawire ID (DID)
- if this happens, go back to the file that had the DID provided by Datawire and enter this in the current configuration,
- call Datawire and ask them for the DID number and enter this number in the config (TransNet Host Link => Host Options tab => click Edit Host button and unclick "Reset DID by Re-Registering" option and enter DID below)

- if you receive Authentication Error on a transaction, your registration has failed. This is most likely because your one of your Datawire settings (MID, TID, DID) is incorrect.
- verify these again from term sheet or phone Datawire and read off each number to verify.

- if you send a new configuration to device and receive a NOT REGISTERED message, the transaction has hit the device before registration was completed. Wait one minute and try again

- NO REASON TO DECL message on credit trans caused by setting in Port Configuration - Devices for your Vx810 pinpad, PIN Pad Confirm Amount Page Show: setting needs to be checked